Was it a ‘Happy’ New Year?


How many times have you heard the phrase ‘Happy New Year’ this year but it has far from been one for you. 

A phrase that has become so generic, it rolls off the tongue like a defaut ‘good morning’ or ‘good night’. I hoped to have written a post for my readers in the full spirits of 2023 but I also believe in full transparency. It has been somewhat of a difficult start for me personally, going through motions of not quite understanding what I am going through and even feeling a little bit frustrated with life and maybe how last year started and the way this one began. 

This isn’t a Debbie Downer post, I promise you, there is a silver lining and I will get to it. Without offloading specifics, I did share some of my Instagram stories when I re-emerged from my 10 day social media fast, so if you caught that then you have a bit more context. I think for me when I have plans to do certain things and my control gets relinquished it puts me in a place of ‘ok what do I do now?’. I very rarely have a plan B, I just like to have a plan A and it works but I know life doesn’t work like that, I know but still here we are. 

This leads me to a scripture I am reminded of often when things in my life become a bit Helter Skelter. 

A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps – Proverbs 12:9

Another scripture that becomes like a thorn in my side when things start to become a little (or a lot) uncomfortable 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding – Proverbs 3:5

You see life has a way of throwing you completely off course, you can be sailing one minute with a warm breeze of air flowing through your hair, you’re breathing in the freshest of air, life is bliss, you’re on your way and the next minute you’ve capsized. You’re thrown overboard into icy rushing waters, you can’t catch your breath but you’re fighting desperately for every last one. Then you get tired of fighting, you’re completely burnt out and almost entertain the idea of the piercing tides taking you away. You begin to drown but then a hand reaches out to you and pulls you out. 

It’s your LIFELINE (Matthew 22: 29-32). 

Alexis Adjei wearing AWAKE MODE x & Other Stories Red Fringed Dress, Miu Miu Earrings and Gold Coach Boots

He calls Himself Jesus. He’s a reminder that in this life we ALWAYS need Him. Why because our story was written and planned out centuries ago and I think our prayer, our hope, our wishes and wants, should not be our will but HIS will. Whatever we plan, whilst here on this fleeting earth, hand it over to Him and then ask for His will to be done. We may never understand it but thats why we have Him to lean on.

I truly believe God gives us desires in our hearts but out of OUR very same hearts spill the issues of life, (Proverbs 4:23) so we are wise to discern and create our plans around God’s desires and not our own. 

With that said even though my new year wasn’t a “happy” one, probably one of more relief that I made it, my family made it and I still have God. I am reminded that whenever things go off course even to the point where I feel like I am drowning, I know Jesus will always pull me out and save me. 

This year I think my only plan is to trust HIS plan and that is all. 

I hope you have all had a great if not satisfactory start to the year, my prayer for us is that we sail through 2023 with Jesus by our side.  

Alexis Adjei in AWAKE MODE x &Other Stories Red Fringed Dress and gold metallic Coach boots.

Wearing: Awake Mode x & Other Stories Co-Lab Dress, Coast Boots, Miu Miu Earrings

Photos by: Anya Thompson



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Was it a ‘Happy’ New Year?